Count down to the big freakout

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Oh man, how the time just whips by like a passing train that you almost failed to notice because you were dicking around with your iPhone. It give you the same cold sweat that trickles down your spine.

The large congruence of upcoming events has me a little freaked out but no more motivated than ever. My procrastination gene is in full effect as I become more and more distracted on a daily basis from the real things that require my attention. Weddings, moves, prepping houses for rental and regular old work are harder to think about when your RSS reader of choice isn’t at zero unread. Or your email. Or your Twitter. Or your Flickr. Or any other number of things that have been embedded into the daily ritual.

A Veritable Panoply of Segmented Refuse.

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Having ostracized the majority of the sentient world, I strive to accentuate my overly unctuous existence. Through challenging oneself with distinct provocations and a verisimilitude of inquisitiveness, I push the boundaries of curmudgeonly phraseology with the goal of attaining the extreme frontiers of obsequious penmanship, an expression I wield grandiosely imprecise. Having delved deeply into morass-like soliloquy, I emerge victoriously with, a Gunning-Fog tally or twentyfive, a Flesch-Kincaid of eighteen point eight and a resound, single digit count, without dispute or contention, of six with regards to the Fleish Index.

To wit, prior to acknowledging the originator, astounding levels of lexical acuity were bumptiously demonstrated. Afterwards, comprehensive readability unsatisfyingly intensified tenfold. With considerable gratitude, I bestow appreciation towards the creators of the pithily monikered “Word Statistics Plugin 1.0 for WordPress” forged by the veritable centurion, John Watson of

Updates Added!

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Two new features have just been added! Firstly, check out the site from an iPhone or an iPod touch and you’ll see the automatically re-formatted version on the blog. Check out for details. Badass. Next is the addition of the Twitter widget on the right. The iPhone makes twitter make so much more sense.Tinker tinker tinker.Edit: Oh, and I added my links too!