Count down to the big freakout

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Oh man, how the time just whips by like a passing train that you almost failed to notice because you were dicking around with your iPhone. It give you the same cold sweat that trickles down your spine.

The large congruence of upcoming events has me a little freaked out but no more motivated than ever. My procrastination gene is in full effect as I become more and more distracted on a daily basis from the real things that require my attention. Weddings, moves, prepping houses for rental and regular old work are harder to think about when your RSS reader of choice isn’t at zero unread. Or your email. Or your Twitter. Or your Flickr. Or any other number of things that have been embedded into the daily ritual.

Four bottles in a nice row

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
Four bottles in a nice row

I bought four (of five) bottles of Rogue’s Brew 10,000 from Whole Foods to serve at our wedding for the beer lovers out there. Brewed once in late 2006, it sold out quickly and to find that many in one place is amazing… At $22 a pop for 750ml bottles I can only hope that it was stored properly in the mean time. I keep feeling like I should have grabbed that fifth one as well. I keep telling myself that I left the last one for someone else to enjoy…