Quality Comparison on YouTube vs. Flickr Video

Monday, April 14th, 2008

YouTube is not the only kid on the block when it comes to online video. Eliminating “real” file formats from Apple and Microsoft, there are a ton of Flash based sites out there. Some are better than others. For the most part YouTube has held its own, maintaining the highest visibility and giving its parent, Google, a lot of exposure.

Finally, at nearly the same market level as Google, another player has stepped in using its own highly recognizable and oft copied brands. Yahoo!‘s Flickr now has the ability to create “long pictures” which is just a fancy way of saying video. Limiting users to 90 seconds, marketed as a creativity enhancer, it is not trying to be a complete replacement to YouTube but with nearly every digital camera on the market today featuring the ability to shoot video, Flickr is easily one of the best “One-stop-shops” in digital imagery and sharing.