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June 4th, 2008
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The iPhone is a strange device, but I’ve never had a oddity like this one before. I’m guessing that AT&T was having some routing problems. The voicemail was to confirm a medical appointment for someone I don’t even remotely know.

There are times I want to take pictures of the iPhone but I only have the iPhone with me to take pictures with… Luckily, I had the Kodak with me that day.

(btw. this post may seem random, and it is. I’m just playing around with Flickr’s “Blog this photo” feature…)


Can’t let a month go by…

May 29th, 2008

Well, more than a month *has* past, but the archives don’t care.

It’s not that I haven’t had a lot going on that would be blog-worthy (at least from a journal-ish standpoint), but I just have had the time or the motivation to post. High up on the list; getting married (soon), moving (soon), getting a (brand) new car and work++. Plus, there are lots of little things like movies, games, music and friends that deserve mention.

Oddly, I do like to write and I love to use all these great gadgets to do it. I’ve lowered the barriers by leveraging them do it quickly, easily and from everywhere, but I just don’t do it…

Keep and ear open for me though, I hope to reshape my habits over the summer. With any luck, being a little more prolific will be part of it. For now, this post is just a reminder that I’m still here.


Guitar Hero: What have I done?

April 16th, 2008

I may have rocked so hard that I've hurt myself.

For some stupid reason, I though it would be a good idea to pick up Guitar Hero III for the Wii. It was almost 50% off by the time I was done with my order.

For the longest time I had scoffed at GH, but I always burned with the secret shame of envy. The rhythm mini-games in RayMan Raving Rabbids was just too much fun. Luckily, the GH entry point was too high. Unfortunately, that couldn’t hold out forever. The awesome Gizmodo pointed out an extremely short run sale on Amazon. I got approval and popped it in my cart. To my surprise, I had a $17.01 gift certificate in my account for which I have no explanation. With my Amazon Prime membership, it arrived disturbingly fast.

After a few minutes of unboxing and setup, I was plunking away at the tutorial. After a few hours of straight play, I got my first five star rating on easy.

This will be a very bad thing.


Quality Comparison on YouTube vs. Flickr Video

April 14th, 2008

YouTube is not the only kid on the block when it comes to online video. Eliminating “real” file formats from Apple and Microsoft, there are a ton of Flash based sites out there. Some are better than others. For the most part YouTube has held its own, maintaining the highest visibility and giving its parent, Google, a lot of exposure.

Finally, at nearly the same market level as Google, another player has stepped in using its own highly recognizable and oft copied brands. Yahoo!‘s Flickr now has the ability to create “long pictures” which is just a fancy way of saying video. Limiting users to 90 seconds, marketed as a creativity enhancer, it is not trying to be a complete replacement to YouTube but with nearly every digital camera on the market today featuring the ability to shoot video, Flickr is easily one of the best “One-stop-shops” in digital imagery and sharing.

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Not a Joiner

April 10th, 2008

While I’ve been in front of a computer for a good chunk of my life and been online for a great subset of that, I’ve always been fairly lax in the social aspects of the modern computer age. Primarily, I read. I consume large amounts of mostly useless data on a daily basis. Now, with the iPhone, I have the ability to feed my compulsive reading habits constantly. At the same time, I’ve reached the edges of my tried and true sites are devoured in mere minutes. Like the gold farmer, I race back and fourth waiting for news items to respawn in their feeds.

But while I take all of this in. I don’t contribute in kind. Like a torrent leecher, I read others blogs without commenting. I rarely post on my own blog, let alone tweet, upload to flickr or youtube. With all of this social networking, I am the wraith like anthropological researcher, observing but not interfering. My Second Life is about as dead as my first.

I’m not sure what it really means, but I not fully engaged in the technological life that I embrace. I have no excuse with my constant connection. Two thumbed typing should become as natural as the home row.

I need to interconnect. I need to let go. I need to speak now, while the time is right, without overthinking.

I need to take on the world.

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A view from the street.

February 15th, 2008

On Tuesday, Google added additional cities to their Street View from within Google Maps, including Milwaukee.

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Our house and my now defunct Mazda can now be seen in a virtual panorama. You can explore the neighborhood, head over to my office, just a few blocks away and see the sights of Milwaukee right on the computer. It sure was a nice day when they were filming.

One of the great things about Street View is that you can get a look at your destination if you’ve never been there and look for landmarks when Google’s directions aren’t clear enough.


Less than a week later…

February 6th, 2008

Backyard Winter Panorama
We’ve had conflicting reports on the amount of snow that has fallen over the last 24 hours, but the sidewalks had at least a foot of dense, wet snow and some drifts were 18 inches or more. The street isn’t even close to being clear.

And to think that just a week ago we were on a beach in the Caribbean.


Yes, We Made it Back

February 5th, 2008

We are back in Milwaukee and onto the grind. We came back to snow and the cold. While it is warmer now than when we originally left, it still feels very cold having been on the beach for a week. I can feel your sympathy.

I have two posts for the end of the trip that I’ll back post as I get a chance to finish them and plan on annotating the others with some cross links and such. I have over 1700 photos to go through and 3GB of video as well. Between four cameras I had an interesting time keeping track of everything. I just spent a solid hour or so weeding through some errant duplicates and doing a little color enhancement. I’ve got to get them cleaned up and posted on Flickr as well*. Unfortunately, I had a heavy deadline waiting for me when I got back so I don’t know when I’ll be able to finish all of that.

In the mean time, expect a little of the usual darkness.

*On that note, I almost didn’t pay for a Flickr Pro account for worries of Microsoft’s intended hostile takeover of Yahoo!. I did break down and get it with the hope that it would take at least a year for the deal to pass through the FTC and DoJ. Google’s DoubleClick deal took them nine month for the US and the EU is still evaluating it. At this point, Picasa Web is just not as strong and lacks some features that I like, though Picasa’s lack of Flash makes it much more iPhone compatible. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Punta Rusia: Snorkeling and Drinking

January 30th, 2008

This day goes out to Mikey:

Sadly there was no sleeping in today. In our favor we knew what our day had in store. Waking up at 7AM (6AM EST/5AM CST), all of us flopped out of bed and barely got out of the door on time. From our resort, we piled into taxis which took us out of Costambar and to the “highway” to catch the tour bus that was waiting for us. From there, the bus took us west along the coast. During the ride, which lasted more than an hour, a guide on the bus gave us some history and perspective on the country. It turned out that he was a somewhat famous soccer player at one point in his youth and several British passengers recognized him once he told us his name.
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