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Logotype Series or I actually did something for once.

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Logotype Series, framed amongst our life

Logotype Series, framed amongst our life,
originally uploaded by acidmaple.

I printed a present for Bethany using the day’s earlier photos. After I had framed it, which was a pain due to our dusty need of a spring cleaning), I just happened to set it up on the cutting mat. The result was yet another photo.

In the background you can see our life; a jumble of Whisky, semi-bittersweet chocolate chips, our nicer photo printer and a few days accumulated detritus. On the mat in the foreground lies Bethany’s type cutouts yet again.

What a grand adventure for them today.

The photo’s description really says it all, but this is the first print I’ve made using our new D90.

Bethany has used it for several clients and grad-school projects and her prints have turned out great. However, I’ve been shooting with it nearly every day and have accumulated a few thousand shots in Aperture from it (I can get a little overzealous with the burst). I’ve uploaded a few to Flickr before but this series, culminating in the print and this final photo, is by far the most conscious I’ve been while shooting. A fair amount of time was spent setting up and composing the four shots.

This is all a departure from my normal shooting. While I rarely crop my photos later and I set up my compositions in frame, I usually shoot in the moment. The situation presents itself to me and I shoot it.

So, yes, I’m proud of these in that I went back to my roots of making things happen rather than letting them come to me. Hell, it even got me to write this post.

It’s a step back to my old self, but can I keep it up?