My Heart on My Sleeve, Not on My Bumper

While I like guns and shit-tons of money, I also think we should be able to kill babies and not have ill-conceived wars with oil-rich countries. Yeah, I said it. Some might say that an inflammatory sentence like that is the last thing we need, but petty squabbling has left the two candidates to fight over each other’s intangibles.

While I’m not completely behind the Obama/Biden ticket (mostly because of Mr. Biden) I sure as hell can’t get behind the crusty, out of touch, old man and his even less experienced than the competition, hick running mate. McCain/Palin scares the crap out of me and as I walk the streets, looking at way too many lawn signs and bumper stickers supporting them I worry about how close the election will once again be.

This is not to say that I don’t see as many, if not more, “Hope” being bandied about, but I like many others don’t often show our support so visibly in either direction. We’re left with polls that conflict with each other and media outlets who pretend to be impartial. Even when I try to aggregate all of this information and simplify it into simple red and blue, all I see is a blank canvas.

In the end, the most vocal supported on either side are the minority. They hold little sway in the bigger picture. Unless you believe in the conspiracy of rigged polls or feel that the electoral college is a broken, outmoded system (both of which I struggle with) then the election lies in the soft spoken heart of America.

Either way, half of us are going to think we’re fucked. I just don’t want it to be my half.

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