Count down to the big freakout

Oh man, how the time just whips by like a passing train that you almost failed to notice because you were dicking around with your iPhone. It give you the same cold sweat that trickles down your spine.

The large congruence of upcoming events has me a little freaked out but no more motivated than ever. My procrastination gene is in full effect as I become more and more distracted on a daily basis from the real things that require my attention. Weddings, moves, prepping houses for rental and regular old work are harder to think about when your RSS reader of choice isn’t at zero unread. Or your email. Or your Twitter. Or your Flickr. Or any other number of things that have been embedded into the daily ritual.

To add insult to injury, shit just gets fucked up all the time. While I’m know for some seriously bad car karma, where things can go wrong for me, they often do. Just this week, a rather large cashier’s check went missing from a time sensitive delivery. Thanks to an inefficiant banking system, they has yet to enter the check into their own system. Not only couldn’t they reissue it or cancel it (for a fee), but they couldn’t even see it in their system. Even though they issued it, the check didn’t exist. So, I had to wait for it to percolate through the vast caverns of this financial monstrosity for the privalege to pay them $35 to cancel the damn thing and another five for a new one. For added excitement, it can take over a week for the canceled amount to return into my balance. I was given a free alternative, after 90 days, if no one had cashed it, the amount could be remitted to me. All I can think of is switching to a credit union, who actually need customer satisfaction to maintain their businesses.

I may even just cash out and stuff it in a matress.

Can you blame me for my desired distractions?

(ps. I’ve written this on my iPhone using the newly released WordPress software. Much like the web version there is no spell checking, on which I’ve come to rely. I don’t have many people’s complaint over the lack of copy/paste, but a system wide spell check would be a godsend. Predictive typeing really only helps mistypes on a small taxtileless keyboard, though I can’t imagine living without it. In fact I was complimented on my typing speed the other day but didn’t give credit where it’s due. All you have to do is mash your thumbs in the general direction of the letter you want and let the software interpret the word. After I post this I’ll still have to go back and give it a once over.)

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