If this is the calm before the storm…

My, how plans change. One minute we’re on course with everything (relatively) laid out in an orderly fashion and the next we’re scrambling to catch our bearings after the floor drops out. While I’ll be the first to admit the failure of a mixed metaphor, there seemingly can be a time and place for such transgressions. Swearing under your breath as one more thing goes south is a common occurrence for me now.

It’s not that things a bad, per se, but I think I could do without all of the drama.

We’re moving to Baltimore. Oh, wait, now we’re moving to Chicago. This is my shining example, the most dramatic of a long list that I dare not commit to “paper”. After what seemed to be a very long ordeal for Bethany to apply to and accept a grad program, we had settled on MICA in Baltimore. The program was perfect, run by a very well respected designer who’s admirations came from both university and professional sources. We had also come to grips with the idea of Baltimore. While it wasn’t our highest choice in cities, we had come to build a short but potent list of pluses.

Then, on Monday of last week, a few weeks after accepting and putting a large, non-refundable deposit down for MICA, Bethany gets an urgent call from SAIC in Chicago (hence the C). They’ve decided, after previously telling her that she wasn’t going to receive any scholarships, that they wanted to give her a full-ride!

Now, when someone offers you $70 grand you usually don’t say no, but there were several days of serious debate and a weeks worth of waffling. We had sold ourselves on Baltimore, even though Chicago is bigger and had more opportunities. MICA had a program that seemed to fit in a smaller more intimate setting but SAIC is larger and arguably better known where Bethany has a chance to be a big fish in a big pond. Also, my own proximity to work was called into play, with Chicago working out better even with tele-commuting.

In the end, the logical choice won with several professionals urging us in the direction of the money. All of which resets us back to the beginning. More research, apartment hunting and altered logistics now with even less time to execute.

We’ve come to grips, but with each passing day there is more to do. That list I’m avoiding keeps expanding.

At least I’m not bored. I’m not having fun, but there is nothing boring about life right now.

2 Responses to “If this is the calm before the storm…”

  1. glenn Says:

    Bearhany didn’t like the spelling of her name, so I changed it. I wrote this post on the iPhone, which can make for some interesting spelling mistakes…

  2. The John Says:

    Wow! If you’re gonna have a wrench thrown into the works, it might as well be a nice one. Christy’s just down in Indy…

    You know, come to think of it… I guess she’ll only be there for another week or two (she’s moving to Orlando). I could have just deleted that sentence. It doesn’t make much sense now. Momentum can be a powerful thing… though I’m glad it didn’t keep you on the road to Ballmer. Chicago sounds like a great opportunity.