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Punta Rusia: Snorkeling and Drinking

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

This day goes out to Mikey:

Sadly there was no sleeping in today. In our favor we knew what our day had in store. Waking up at 7AM (6AM EST/5AM CST), all of us flopped out of bed and barely got out of the door on time. From our resort, we piled into taxis which took us out of Costambar and to the “highway” to catch the tour bus that was waiting for us. From there, the bus took us west along the coast. During the ride, which lasted more than an hour, a guide on the bus gave us some history and perspective on the country. It turned out that he was a somewhat famous soccer player at one point in his youth and several British passengers recognized him once he told us his name.

Relaxing on the Playa (beach)

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Sleeping in again today made me very happy. Between my love of having my head on a pillow and the excessive amount of drinking done last night (the final grande el Presidente is was really did me in) the extra few hours of sleep are just what the doctor ordered.

Bethany made a breakfast of eggs, tomato and cheese. We’ve been using essentially one spice when we cook, an adobo concoction of salt, garlic and oregano that we bought at one of the local markets. So, last night’s linguine tasted like today’s eggs.

Sleeping in and Puerto Plata

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Sleeping in was very nice… We woke up late and they were still making breakfast. After some tasty food, I was able to get online for the first time and make my previous post.

Taxi to Old Puerto PlataWe made a trip via taxi into Puerto Plata to get some more cash from the bank and see the sights a little bit. Our taxi driver, Yovany (like Giovanni) was a gruff but nice older man who gave us a little impromptu tour on the way, pointing out bits of the city. Yovany cautioned us about not walking in the streets and dropped us off at Banco Popular which was recommended by out concierge at the resort.

The first few days

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

<a href=’’ rel=’attachment wp-att-81′ title=’VIP Resort in the DR‘><img src=’’ alt=’VIP Resort in the DR‘ />Well, we made it. While our first flight was fine, despite having to to drive to Chicago from Milwaukee and the guy in the aisle next to us who order three Budweisers right off of the bat and then had to yell to hear himself over his own iPod. No, it was our second flight that really was the issue.

It turns out that the Miami airport is a complete shit-hole. Most of it is under construction and there are almost no worthwhile restaurants available. Getting from gateway to another was a trek. After wandering around, we ate at the only restaurant on our gateway, which while good, was nothing more than a sandwich.

With two hours to kill before our flight to the Dominican Republic, I wandered around until the boarding time. Each time we came back to the gate, the departure time was pushed back by ten more minutes. An hour late, we got to board and the locals were getting restless.

Traveling without an iPhone

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

We’ve elected to leave our iPhones here in the good ol’ U. S. of A. For various reasons, mostly involving money, we thought it would be a bad idea to bring them, including; $1.99/min voice and $0.016/KB data (thats $16.384/MB!) and the potential replacement costs should something happen. Staying behind as well will my trusty MacBook Pro.

So, we are going on a bit of a technological camping trip. You know, deprived of modern conveniences and forced to rough it like the pioneers. Packed with me are; an old 3.2 meg Sony Cybershot with a whopping 128 MB card, an ailing 4th Gen 20GB iPod, a 1st Gen 1GB iPod Shuffle as a backup and a 3+ year old Dell Latitude C400 running Debian Etch loaded with Picassa and Gimp for photos. I’m also lugging around my non-iPhone work cell, a rugged Motorola ic502 and my Nintendo DS with a few games. Oh, and a book, Samuel Delany‘s Dhalgren which I’ve read a few times through.

I know, talk about a rough time… It will only get up to the mid 80’s while we’re there too!

Bethany is taking her new Kodak Z812 and her video iPod to pull photos with, so she is not slumming it as much as I am for a change.

There are claims of internet access, so hopefully I’ll be able to update while I’m down there. It’s not going to be a live-blog by any means, but I want to at least post some twitter and a photo or two.

See you there!

A Few of My Favorite Mac Developers.

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

This is a non-exhaustive of list some of my favorite Mac Developers and their apps:

Makers of the best FTP program for the Mac, Transmit and the only American distributor of Katamari Damacy t-shirts. The rest of their apps are equally great. If it wasn’t for my existing habits, I would be using Coda as well.

TextMate combined with Transmit are my secret sauce for daily coding. A strong flexible text editor that remains light. I use it every day.

Quicksilver has become so engrained into my computing life that I am confused when I sit down in front of a computer without it. While it acts as an App Launcher, it is so much more.

A Veritable Panoply of Segmented Refuse.

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Having ostracized the majority of the sentient world, I strive to accentuate my overly unctuous existence. Through challenging oneself with distinct provocations and a verisimilitude of inquisitiveness, I push the boundaries of curmudgeonly phraseology with the goal of attaining the extreme frontiers of obsequious penmanship, an expression I wield grandiosely imprecise. Having delved deeply into morass-like soliloquy, I emerge victoriously with, a Gunning-Fog tally or twentyfive, a Flesch-Kincaid of eighteen point eight and a resound, single digit count, without dispute or contention, of six with regards to the Fleish Index.

To wit, prior to acknowledging the originator, astounding levels of lexical acuity were bumptiously demonstrated. Afterwards, comprehensive readability unsatisfyingly intensified tenfold. With considerable gratitude, I bestow appreciation towards the creators of the pithily monikered “Word Statistics Plugin 1.0 for WordPress” forged by the veritable centurion, John Watson of

Me and My iPhone, My iPhone and Me.

Friday, January 18th, 2008

I have an iPhone, and a have found it to be nearly perfect. I had held out as long as I could, but it is the perfect storm of handheld consumer electronics. Sure, there are others out there with better features, faster connections and better service providers but no other device pulls it all together like the iPhone. IMAP for my Gmail (I don’t have all of my personal accounts on the iPhone as it chews up too much bandwidth. Yes, I have that many.) and for my work email (Exchange IMAP works just fine, people!). The latest updates make the even more useful with GPS-like wifi trilateration. Hahlo for my Twitter and NewsGator‘s mobile site to sync with NetNewsWire (All of NewsGator’s personal products including NetNewsWire and their service are now free! I was willing to pay for it, and did, but this is even better! Get it!) to get my RSS. As a Mac user, no other device will even sync properly without the use of third party software like missing sync! I even get my iPhoto pics on my iPhone, smartly scaled down for its screen to take up less space.

6.6 hours of my workday

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

While not the entirety of my day, this shows the excitement of an average day…

Ironically, the next day (today) I got a haircut, beard and all.