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I guess that I should tell you about this…

Friday, March 11th, 2005

It happened a while ago now, but when posting, better late then never.

The Ring

Several months ago, I finally go up the courage to propose. It was a nice thing, and because it was nice, the full detail does not belong on this site. I’m not really big on nice, but she’s slowly grinding that away. (notice the kinder, gentler site design, the happier dead bunny head and the actual presence of color.)

Needless to say I did it in my own way. You can see the end product at The speech is nice, but the image has be described as creepy.

Oh, well. I wasn’t really going for the fluffy dead bunny head for that one. Other than a little more spit and polish, I think it turned out rather well.

Anyway, it happened, and we are now in that stage of fighting over gender roles.

[EDIT: Dec 13 2007] The website is no longer as it was, however there is a version of the video that was on the site on youtube.